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Make your own smart-contact

Scale your business with a personal smart-contact

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Since 2017 our projects raised more than $12 000 000
Our awards:
  • BNP Paribas
  • Telstra Network Disruptions
  • Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification
  • Santander Customer Satisfaction
  • The project of the company is approved in Skolkovo
Our unique features:
  • Simple free step-by-step constructor for smart-contact with its main characteristics
  • You smart-contact will be automatically listed on the main international platforms
  • Simple and user-friendly personal account for you and your customers and partners
  • Semi-automatic creation and posting of the articles for the specialized magazines
  • Automatic issuing of the paper with the juridical status of your smart-contact (in develop)
  • A possibility in semi-automatic way to choose the best jurisdiction and juridical entity for your smart-contact (in develop)
  • Automatically establishing and scaling structure for your project
Blockchain benefits:

More than 10 years of experience of developing and integration of IT solutions

Learn more about us
Started in 2006

Development in machine
learning sphere since 2008
Blockchain solutions
development since 2014
Our team includes marketers, entrepreneurs, engineers and developers with a degree
Technical Director of the company – Vladimir Mokeev
Viktorovich, doctor of technicals, head of Department of information systems of South Ural state University.
Projects we are proud of

The project on digitization, tokenization and raising investments for the producer of organic food "Solar planet" company. As a result of the project more than 100 million rubles of investments were raised


The platform for monetization of experience developed in cooperation with the largest business community in Russia - "Business Molodost". ICO of the project raised
2 000 000$


Development of a gaming platform and a smart contract for European roulette on the Ethereum network. The project raised more than
1 500 000 $ for ICO

Why does it fit you?
The smart-contact is already used by thousands of businesses
as a tool to effectively scale and atract new customers
Companies could use their own token for:


Cooperate with

Scale and
expand much

Your free consultation on the creation
of a smart-contact and its effective useage
The specialist will explain to you how to use blockchain technology in your business and calculate the level of your emission, identify the most efficient areas of your business to use the blockchain.
What blockchain tools is used
for the business and what problems they solve?
First of all, blockchain allows to automate business processes
and improve the control and quality of the company's work,
and also it is a good tool to attract customers
For Startups
Issue your token and raise investments from all over the world. Use the blockchain to make your business processes more transparent for the customers
For big
It is convenient to manage branches of the company with your own blockchain because the technology allows you to be sure that the data will not be changed retroactively.
For internet
Using a payment gateway. Allows you to simplify the sale of goods in the Internet by 20% and make the sale of goods available for each user.
For franchisees
Your own blockchain allows you to control the work of franchisees from anywhere in the world and don't allows to make changes to the data retroactively.
Digital blockchain technology in business is the first step
on the way to your company's Digital economy
Blockchain is like the Internet in the 90's when just a few people understood what does it needed for but
through the ten years almost everyone had his own website and after 15 years each user had its own
social network page.